Inside the product ... our uniqueness
Distinctive and innovative, using high-tech & hand- made crafts, with utmost quality


  • We have created the fiber.
  • It is made from discarded recycled plastic to reduce our carbon foot print.
  • It is quick dry. Water does not penetrate it instantly.
  • Ultimately resistant, it never sags or wears out.
  • It is soft as a second skin and very stretch.
  • This allows the best possible fit yet enables us to feature some styles in 1 size fit all.
  • It also permits the best printing quality. The print will never fade out.
  • We use it for out-shell and for inner-lining.
  • Most of our bikinis are reversible whether solid or pattern printed!
  • Smart white! The fabric does not retain sand, which is very convenient for white or pastel colours!


  • Most of our bikinis are seamless. They are stitched in the inside, and then flipped inside-out, and the hole is then stitched by hand
  • Others are edged with an embroidery which contains our self-developed elastic.


We have developed our own elastic to withstand water, oil, chlorine and any corruptive agent.


  • We manufacture padding and cups in house, so they can exactly match each cut, and each size.
  • Our reversible program still manages to host removable padding, and the opening is invisible under the arm.


  • Embedded in print patterns that we designed in-house.
  • Embossed in metallic trimming on bra clasps, rings & slides.
  • On labelling.
  • On packaging.
  • On displays of our shop interior design.


  • Hand painted, air-brushed.
  • Hand embroidery.
  • Beading, crochet, macrame, and many more…


  • Laser cut.
  • Ultra sonic cut & welding.
  • Heat pressing, adhesive, embossing and welding.
  • Digital & placed prints.
  • Moulding (cups or fabric).


  • Second skin fabric is very stretch and allows the best possible fit.
  • Thaikilies can choose their best matching size for tops and bottoms as we sell in separates.
  • Special invisible “lift program” created for supporting the breast.
  • Engineered support for +sizes.
  • Heat pressed labels allow for more comfort, avoiding itchy labels.
  • Neck tie is adjustable and minimalistic.