With its bikinis for all women, Thaikila prides itself in introducing “One bikini for life”!
Our unique material made from discarded plastic is not only sustainable, it is very soft, stretchable and extremely resistant. You can travel the seven seas with your Thaikila bikini for a lifelong time.


At Thaikila, sustainability has been our focus since our first steps. Our Second-skin feel fabric is made from discarded recycled plastic since 2002. We use vegan leather for our sandals, and recycle our office documents into paper pulp to manufacture Thaikila’s hang tags. Several of our bikini lines use natural pigments of roots & spices, and our cute pouches / carry bags are reusable and part of Thaikila’s zero waste program.


We feature cuts for the minimalistic woman and for the fashion maximalist to ‘Glam on the beach’. Not only will you find the extravagant bikini for sexy girls, but also the essential piece to enhance the figure of the Classic woman and make her feel unique and confident.

Thaikila has bikinis for women of all cultures, profiles, age, sizes & budget.


Our products are elaborate and refined deep down into details. Thaikila’s Sales force should know all these details to be able to answer customer’s questions. Knowing more about your products will help you sell better!

Some generic strong points are listed below, and you can review the Product tutorial section for more specific details.


  • Cut : it’s the shape of a Bikini.
  • Print : a print is a motif or pattern on fabric. It can exist in several color ways
  • Color : other words for color are plain or solid.
  • SKU : means 1 item in 1 size in 1 color or print.



Women are complex when it comes to their body, and it is less about their actual figure, and more about how they perceive it. See below how we define women’s profiles and fashion behavior:

We defined 3 different profiles by bottoms coverage

  1. Sexy she is the daring girl who likes to show her body → Low coverage
  2. Mainstream she is the average woman→ Medium coverage
  3. Classic shy, or mature, she is more conservative and prefers a more covering bottoms style → High coverage


  1. Tralala, is the Fashion exuberant woman who attracts attention, and wears creative bikinis. 
  2. Essentials, is the Fashion quiet who prefers staple pieces / good basics with a perfect finish.


We’ve seen that women’ profiles define by the back coverage of the Bottoms. But what about Tops? Requirements differ for smaller and larger breasts:

  • Smaller sizes S and M seek to boost the volume of their bust and to show a nice cleavage. We use sewn-in cups, removable padding, and silicone pads of all sizes and cuts.
  • Larger sizes L and XL seek more support. We reinforce the support with a special construction for these sizes. Neck & Shoulder straps are made wider and use stronger elastic (less stretch). The band under the breast is lined with a specific material which allows better support. Sometimes Size L and XL may use hidden underwires, (which would not be used for sizes S and M).


Tops & Bottoms are almost all sold separately. This allows our Thaikilies to:

  • Style their bikinis as they wish, Mix and Match
  • Get their best fitting size,
  • Control their budget! (Buy a piece first, and complete the set later). 


  • Babies : 0 – 2, 2 – 4
  • Girls : 4 – 6, 8 – 10
  • Teens : 10 – 12 (XXS), 12 – 14 (XS)
  • Women : S–M–L–XL (we also have sometimes: S/M, M/L, or A/S (All size = 1size)
  • + Size : XL+ (with a strong construction, more support and optimized comfort)


Thaikila is all made in-house under 1 roof, with our undivided focus geared towards producing unique & innovative designs with the highest quality.


A “Fashion Story” is revealed yearly, as a holistic concept combining bikinis and beach accessories such as cover-ups, resortwear, sandals, bags, hats & jewelry, revolving around a strong fashion theme.

We keep 2 stories in our shops (so a Story lasts 2 years), and we can keep best sellers of our former collections on the eShop.


Our main target are women in sizes S, M, L, and XL. Secondary Profiles are women in +Size [XL+], Teens [XXS & XS] and also Girls & Babies.



  • Swimwear (Items are Swimsuit Sets, Tops, Bottoms, and One Piece)
  • Lingerie (Items are Sets, Bras, Panties and more)
  • Resortwear (Items are Cover-ups, Dress, Singlet, Short, Kaftan, and more).
  • Sandals (Items are Sandals, Ballerines...)
  • Bags, Hats & Pouches
  • Jewelry (Items are Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Hair Picks and more).
  • Padding
  • Homeware (including Stationery)


  • Shopops: Props used for shop operations are Kenza, Sticker hygienic, Petit Cadeau, Spares, and more...
  • VM: Items used for visual merchandising in shops such as Displays & Tale (signage).


Thaikila’s core product is swimwear, but we also propose clothing and lots of accessories for the Beach. We sell 75% Swimwear, 25% Resortwear & Accessories: Best to Less: Resortwear, Sandals, Bags and Jewelry. Accessories do make Stories look great though!

And Swimwear sells a/f:

  • 75% Sexy girls & Mainstream women
  • 20% Classic woman
  • 5% Teens, Girls & Babies


Only Franchises in Bali receive the few Second choices items. Defects are usually minim, and Thaikilies are happy to get these great deals!


At the end of a season, items are put for sale in stores, and whatever is left can be returned to Warehouse, and then sold to B2B unless it is kept for another release.