Thaikila Ordering
Interested in selling Thaikila in your store? We will support you in every step of your implementation.


Send your information to with your name (first & last), company name, shipping address, zip code, and a phone number. Our B2B sales team will review your request and get back to you swiftly.


Our showroom is located in Seminyak, at the heart of Bali. We meet customers on appointment, show our collections and assist with the ordering process.


JOOR is our eWholesale section online. Its platform also grants you access to 8,300 other brands. JOOR will take about 24 to 48 hours to set-up an account; we will send your coordinates for their recording. Then we will send you an invite with your login information.


It’s easy to place an immediate order! Once you login, you will browse through the line sheets, select items, sizes and quantities.

  • Immediate orders are delivered from available stock
  • Best deals present our sale items
  • Pre-order is a sneak a peek into our exciting next collection, and book your pre-order! We’ll request 30% deposit to secure it, and keep it aside for you.

Successful items which are continued in our production might not be in stock at the time of your order. In case we don't have enough quantity for you, you can email us to place a Back Order. We’ll request 30% deposit to secure your Back Order. Our customer service will inform you the date of availability.


We pick-pack-ship from available stock within 24h. Please add another 24h if a certificate of origin is needed for your country.

Receive your parcel at your door in 4-days by worldwide express courier.


  • COO: in some cases, a certificate of origin is needed for your country. It costs $25 and takes 1 working day to process.
  • Packing List: your order consists of more than 1 box, we will supply a packing list, which details what items has been placed in what box.


For each order, we edit 3 invoices, which are emailed to you:

  1. The Total Invoice which states the total amount purchased. Then we split it into 2 sub-invoices:
  2. The Commercial invoice, at factory manufacturing price.
  3. The Branding invoice, with the brand value.

As we send you 3 invoices, you can either pay:

  1. In 1 payment: Total invoice.
  2. In 2 payments: Manufacturing invoice & branding invoice.

The Commercial invoice is slipped in your shipment.You will be charged custom duties on the manufacturing invoice.


Full payment is due upfront, before shipping. We accept credit card that will be processed online: Head Office will supply the link to the payment page.


A discount applies on large amounts of merchandise purchased in 1 invoice:

  • Purchase > $5,000, get 5% discount
  • Purchase > $10,000, get 10% discount
  • Purchase > $30,000, get 15% discount


There are additional costs to ship & import to your country:

  • Shipping cost is included in the invoice you pay to Thaikila.
  • You pay customs duties to the courier, at reception of your order.

We can estimate these additional costs, and define your profit schedule, after payment of all costs. Contact our CRM team on


You can pick-up your order, assign a freight forwarder, or let us organize the shipping.

We use:

  • Courier Express - Fedex, DHL and TNT are used for orders below 40 Kg (less than 300-400 bikinis).
  • Air Shipping - may be cheaper for a shipment above 40 Kg.

We check this for you, and will propose the best option.


In all countries around the world, the receiver of a package is responsible for paying the customs duties of their country. Taxes are declared by the freight company (Courier or Air shipping). They apply as a percentage on the total amount of Merchandise + Shipping. The % varies per type of item (HS Code) and per country.

No custom duties apply for items below the ‘De Minimis Value’. It is a specific value below which no duty or tax is charged, and clearance procedures are minimal.

Our + Points:

Custom duties will apply on the manufacturing price invoice which is sent along with the package.

To streamline the import process and allow your package to clear customs swiftly, we add the local currency amount on your invoice.


It is a local tax which applies to all wholesale purchases and is deemed back upon consumer’s purchases. See complementary document: Additional costs, Shipping & Importation, Net Profit (DDP).

We are glad to assist you with any questions you may have!