Would you like to distribute Thaikila in your area?
We will support you in every step of your implementation.


Our main business strategy is to administer well-trained agents & distributors, to manage our shop network. With the knowledge of your own market & business practices, we trust that you will be successful, and you will:

  • Boost sales volume through enhanced sales practices.
  • Organize a harmonized network by selecting each shop.

Optimized the brand image with shops well stocked, product & signage well displayed, brand logo present on front windows, and corners installed in prime locations.


You Are an Established Distributor

  • You have a proven record of distributing well-known Fashion brands and a wide network of resellers.
  • You are granted a contract of exclusivity and the potential of growing Thaikila in your area.

Or You Want to Purchase the Exclusive Rights

You will send us a forecast study of the business potential of your territory. It consists of:

  • The number of shops you plan to supply with Thaikila in your area.
  • Sales estimates, per shop and in total, per period of time (season).

Our Business developer will review your proposal, and evaluate the exclusive rights for Thaikila on your territory.

And For a Simple Trial

We will protect your exclusivity during your marketing period of 2-3 months, and inform you if any other direct inquiries have been sent from the area.

Depending on the business outcome, you can earn a contract granting your exclusive rights of the brand.


You can order a Bikini Passport. This must-have tool is a precious box with everything you need to market your customers. It costs 249 US$ and contains:

  • 5 samples
  • 1 catalog
  • 1 flash-disc featuring the brand & product info (Bling)
  • 1 pack of business cards
  • 1 assortment of 4 pcs Kenza (branded carry pouches)
  • 1 Tale (standing Point of Sale, A4 size)

You are welcome to add more marketing tools and samples if you wish (these are invoiced at wholesale price).


We propose a discount as detailed below. It applies on orders at wholesale price. It is not applicable on discounted or sale items:

  • 5% for a 1 time purchase exceeding 5,000 $.
  • 10% for a 1 time purchase exceeding 10,000 $.
  • 30% on cumulated purchases exceeding 30,000 $, during 1 season

*A season is ‘1 year’ in a seasonal country (with a winter), and it is 6 months in inter-tropical countries. Inter-tropical zone is shown as a turquoise overlay on the map.


  1. You acknowledge our working system, and Thaikila’s products.
  2. You market your area, and select shops which can be representative of the brand.
  3. You introduce Thaikila, take their orders, and deliver them from your stock.


  1. New Collections
    You will send us your purchase orders ahead of the season to ensure sufficient manufacturing time (3 to 4 months).
  2. Reorder
    We may have ready-stock available at the time of your reorders, or it would be safer to order about 20% more than your actual orders, to cover for your customer’s reorders.
  3. Payment
    We require 30% upfront payment to manufacture orders.
  4. Deliveries
    Orders are delivered early February for North Hemisphere, and early August for South Hemisphere.


You pay the merchandise costs, shipping, import taxes and VAT, and then you re-invoice to Retailers at a Distributor price (set by you).

Distributor price is inclusive of your costs and mark-up.

Your profits split as follows:

  • The 30% discount we grant you represents your core profits.
  • You will also generate profits from saving on shipping & import costs, since you will be importing a large quantity of items. Retailers buying smaller quantities from us would pay higher costs for Shipping & Import. This saving is part of your profit, and not of your retailers’.

Contact us for advice on lowering shipping & import costs.


We are glad to assist you with any questions you may have!