Agent at ThaikilaWould you like to represent Thaikila in your area?
We will support you in every step of your implementation.


Our main business strategy is to administer well-trained agents & distributors, to manage our shop network. With the knowledge of your own market & business practices, we trust that you will be successful, and you will:
  • Boost sales volume through enhanced sales practices.
  • Organize a harmonized network by selecting each shop.
  • Optimize the brand image with shops well stocked, product & signage well displayed, brand logo present on front windows, and corners installed in prime locations.


You can order a ‘Bikini Passport’. This must-have tool is a precious box with everything you need to market your customers. It costs 249 US$ and contains:

  • 5 samples
  • 1 catalog
  • 1 flash-disc featuring the brand & product info (Bling)
  • 1 pack of business cards
  • 1 assortment of 4 pieces of Kenza (branded carry pouches)
  • 1 Tale (standing Point of Sale, A4 size)
You are welcome to add more marketing tools and samples if you wish (these are invoiced at wholesale price).


  1. You acknowledge our working system, and Thaikila’s products.
  2. You market your area, and select shops which can be representative of the Brand.
  3. You introduce Thaikila, take their orders, explain the additional costs (shipping & custom duties), and the profit that they will make.
  4. You explain to them how to place an order with us.
  5. You take their orders and send them to us.


We are organized to serve your customers from available stock, in no time. A courier service will deliver the order at your client’s door, and will do all the importation paper work. But there will be some additional costs on top of the merchandise purchase, and these should be clearly explained.

Additional costs are:

  1. Shipping cost, is already included in the invoice, and paid to Thaikila before the orders are shipped.
  2. Custom duties (or Import Tax) are paid to the courier at reception of the order. They are calculated as a % applied to the amount of merchandise + shipping invoiced.
  3. VAT is a local tax which applies to all wholesale purchases and is deemed back upon consumer’s purchases.


Agents are exclusive on their clients. Requirement for exclusivity over an area will be discussed on case to case with Thaikila’s business management.


We are glad to assist you with any questions you may have!



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